Is it worth it? MORPHE 35O Palette


When a particular makeup item is coveted, any makeup addict will tell you that instinct takes over. “I MUST HAVE IT. I NEED IT. THERE ARE MANY OTHER PALETTES LIKE IT, BUT THIS ONE MUST BE MINE.” Let’s slow down there, cowboy.

I’m starting a new series on my blog wherein I take a popular makeup item to tell you if it’s worth the ultimate hype. Now, I’m not Mrs. Moneybags, sadly, so I can’t buy every coveted item on the market (dry your tears, little one), but I will do what I can.

I want to start with the Oh-So-In-Demand Morphe 35O palette. This palette is almost always out of stock, and the minute it goes back in stock, it’s sold-out again moments later. This is understandable, right? Less than $25 for a palette of 35 warm eyeshadows that make your heart go pitter-patter just looking at them on the computer screen. I mean, if Jaclyn Hill uses it, it MUST be legit.


Well, I have to tell you something, my fine-feathered friends. The hype is real. NOW – you may have opinions against Morphe, and that’s completely fine, and frankly, understandable. But what I’m going for is the fact that this makeup is a) affordable, and b) HIGHLY pigmented. One little swipe with your finger and these babies go on like buttah.


There are mattes, satins, glitters – not a single color is under-pigmented. But I mean can we just drool for a second over that coppery glitter in the bottom right-hand corner? Are you drooling yet? YOU SHOULD BE.

Palette Flash

So, is it worth it? In my opinion, YES. YES IT IS. THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT, BUT THIS ONE WILL BE YOURS.

For those of you that have this palette, what did you think? Worth the hype, or over-blown? What products would you like to find out if they’re worth the hype?

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