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Hello Everyone! Welcome to Glitter Fallout – my name is Linda. I’m was born and bred in New Jersey, currently living in Baltimore, MD with my husband, my awesomesauce cat (Spooky), and my fish that has been christened “Poop Buddy”. (He lives in a bubble on my bathroom wall.)

My blog, glitterfallout.com is all about make up, hair, nails – you know, important stuff.

I have always loved to play with make since I was a little Linda. I would smear on Cherry Chap Stick and Tinkerbell peel-off nail polish, and venture out into the great wide open. I have been involved in makeup communities since 2004, and I’ve always loved the whole experience that comes with sharing new things about beauty and fashion, and getting informed in the process! Here, you will find a vibrant community, product reviews, tutorials, and everything in between.

Although I do not have any formal training as a make up artist, I believe the experience and knowledge I have gathered along the way coupled with love and passion I have for the stuff makes me an addict expert. I’m just doing this for the fun and complete joy that it brings me! I work a 9-to-5 job, and love to come home, slap on some fake lashes and red lipstick, and rule the world.

The main aim of the blog is to blabber on, share my love of makeup and anything about beauty or fashion, and to chat with like-minded individuals. Glitter Fallout also carries out credible reviews on the beauty products in the market. Given the number of products which are released in the market daily, it is hard for a consumer to make a choice on what works and what belongs in the garbage. Glitter Fallout aims at educating consumers and engaging in thoughtful discussion about products.

The products reviews offered here are credible and not in any way meant to promote or demean any product – I aim to give as honest opinions as possible.

I LOVE interaction! Comment, β€œlike”, tell me a joke, bake me a cake, juggle, dance, etc. Most importantly, just be YOU, because that “you” is pretty superb.
watch my videos at YouTube channel: YouTube.com/TheGlitterFallout. Comment, share and like my post Facebook page: Facebook.com/Glitter Fallout, tweet at my Twitter Page: Twitter.com/Glitter Fallout and comment on my posting on Instagram: Instagram.com/Glitter Fallout

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