Check out my rack, yo.

Hey perv, my eyes are up here. Not that rack.

For years, I’ve lusted after & wanted a nail polish rack – the same ones that you see in nail salons, and on the walls in YouTube videos behind beauty vloggers. Even though they were inexpensive on Head 2 Toe Beauty (where I kept getting recommendations to buy one), I couldn’t stomach the $13 shipping. Even on Amazon, there were none that were eligible for Amazon Prime*, so I waited. And my bottles of nail polish sat like this.

PolishRack Before
Yep. They were in two plastic shoe boxes, and one reusable grocery bag for years. SEXY. Finally, I decided to treat myself to the whopping $30 rack, and HOLY CRAP, you guys. It has turned something from a bit of an eyesore into almost an art piece. An art piece that only addicts would love.

PolishRack Box
It came in this huge-ass box that sent me into a panic at first. GLASS?! How the hell am I going to hang a glass shelf and add a ton of glass bottles to it? Nope. It was/is all acrylic. The person making the box was obviously on bath salts.

PolishRack sign
The rack came with this sign to add above it, but I thought it might be a bit much. Plus, I was worried that women would see it through my window and stand in line in front of my house and beg for pedicures. But not really. I didn’t use it.

PolishRack Timm
Timm volunteered was begged to help me put the rack up, and he was such a good dude to do this for me. Plus, I can use a tape measure, a level, and a hammer & nails, but that’s about it. Once you bring power tools into the picture, I’m this guy:

But I digress.

PolishRack Hung
All ready to go! (And can we talk for a sec about how much I love my jewelry/hair accessory holder?!) Now came the hard part: putting the polishes on the shelves. Sure, this sounds easy, but when you have minor bouts of OCD with organization, this was a bit of a nightmare. First, I decided to organize the bottles by color. I put all of my mini bottles on the bottom shelf, and organized the rest.

PolishRack Setup1
…to say that this setup made me twitch would be an understatement. It was all uneven, and the colors weren’t lined up and THERE WERE LITTLE BOTTLES WITH BIG BOTTLES AND WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?! *breathes deeply* Next, I tried taking all of the mini bottles off of the shelf all together & putting them back into the shoe box.

PolishRack Setup3
Something still felt WRONG. (I told you I have issues, dude.) There were awkward spaces, and I had a ton of reds/pinks/purples, but not enough blues/greens to fill a shelf and it was A LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE. I called Timm upstairs, and after throwing handfuls of my hair onto the floor (*exaggeration*), he calmly suggested that I organize them by brand, so that all of the same size/shape bottles were together.

PolishRack Setup5
SHAZAM! Finally, I can breathe better. Plus, all of my Covergirl polishes are numbered, so it’s super easy to organize them by color. AND I’ve left myself room to grow/buy more/feed my addiction. Now, some POLISH PORN!

PolishRack Setup5a

PolishRack Setup5b

I like it lots. If you have enough polishes (they makes these to hold either 60 or 90 bottles – this one holds 90), I strongly suggest getting one of these. It’s really nice to not have these all hidden anymore. Now I just have to figure out a storage solution for my mini bottles. They’re pretty too, dammit! Any suggestions?

* Am I the only one who has a problem paying for shipping costs now that Amazon Prime exists? It could be 25Β’ for shipping, and I’m all “NOPE! NopeNope. Free shipping or GTFO.”

17 responses to “Check out my rack, yo.

    • WHAT IN THE FRESH HELL?! $15 is normal, everyday shipping? You have silenced me – I can no longer complain about a measly $6 shipping. WOW. That’s insane!

      Still…the rack is pretty amazing…even if it does cost $15 (!@#!$#@!$@#) to get to you.

  1. I hate extra for shipping-postage. I know it costs to post, but when i see a price i expect it to be inclusive. Don’t be adding VAT (tax) & postage after i put it in my basket. Grrrrrr!

    But lovely rack!

  2. This looks GORGEOUS. Very sexy… : )
    Bath salts. ❀
    Haha, I SO get it, I don't even have a rack for my bottles, but I'm already OCD about potentially having it and potentially having to organise it.

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