Sephora: What to buy??

Okay, so I need some opinions. This past Xmas, my oh-so-fabulous boss gave me a $25 Sephora gift card. (Hey, she knows me.) The damn thing has been burning a hole in my pocket for over a month now. I keep looking and looking over the Sephora site, and I’m torn on what to get.

Do I try the Better Than Sex mascara that everyone seems to be going crazy for right now?
Do I grab one of my favorite Benefit kits where you get to try a bunch for only a bit of money?
Do I stock up on my daily face wash?

HELP! What would you guys buy? What are you favorite new makeup products that you think everyone needs to try?

8 responses to “Sephora: What to buy??

  1. I’ve got a 50$ card that I’m saving but can’t wait to spend. Either going there to get matched for foundation or the new smash box shadow palette but I’ve never used their shadows.

  2. I thought the Lash Injection by TooFaced was a bust, so I’m not enthusiastic about Better Than Sex. I’m a fan of Smashbox color cosmetics.

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