Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure – the MAC Rocky Horror Collection!

The last time I waited outside of a MAC store for a collection to be released was 2007. The C-Shock collection was the only one I ever thought worthy of actually waiting to be the first to get my hands on that gorgeous makeup.

…until now.
When MAC announced they were releasing a Rocky Horror collection, I knew my wallet was screwed. I fell in love/lust with Rocky when I was 16. I went to a midnight showing every single weekend for close to three years in Mt. Ephraim, NJ where I saw The Transducer Players – a long-running and fabulous cast. Rocky was a huge part of my teenage years, and will always have a special place in my heart. (Hell, I even have the iconic lips tattooed on my arm.)

Overall, let’s be honest here: I was in this collection for the packaging. Yes, I only bought pieces I know that I will use, but still. THE PACKAGING. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we?
As always, click on any photos to make them larger.

First things first – the packaging.

Rocky Boxes Outside
The outside of the boxes are imprinted with the classic lips. Yes, I will probably be a nerd who will keep everything in the boxes they came in. You know why? DO. YOU. KNOW. WHY??

Rocky Box Inside
LOOK AT THE INSIDE, YOU GUYS. Every time I open the package, the gorgeous Mr. Curry will stare at me as Magenta looks on and Columbia judges you. (Always judging, that little bish.)

Pigment Box
The pigment was my only impulse buy. I am semi-regretting it, because really – when will I use a whole tub of pigment? I honestly think that the name is a big part of why I bought it. “It’s not easy having a good time”….

Still though – this pigment is completely stunning. The texture is smooth, buttery perfection. When swatched on dry skin (with no base), the color is completely opaque in one swipe, and very bold in two. The color is a deep, almost bronzed red with gold shimmer throughout. It will look amazing on blue or green eyes, for sure.

Pigment Close

Pigment Swatch
This retailed for $23.

Of course, the main draw of this collection for myself and so many others was the lipstick. And really, how could it not be?

I wound up buying three lipsticks from the set. The only one I wasn’t interested in was Sin – a dark, matte purple shade. I have several other shades in that range and never wear them, so I didn’t need another. (And please tell me I’m not the only one who uses the word “need” when talking about makeup…). Each lipstick retails for $17.50.

Rocky Lips Packaging
I didn’t think I would, but I wound up LOVING this lipstick packaging. The tube is shiny, glossy, and slick with the Rocky lips and logo printed on it. I just think it looks so sleek and suave. Like Rico Suave. (You’re singing “Rico Suave” now, aren’t you? YOU’RE WELCOME.)

Oblivion Box
Oblivion Close
Oblivion Swatch
Oblivion is the only one of the three that is the Amplified formula. This means that it is very creamy and hydrating, but the color is bold. It is a bright red with some blueish undertones. I would personally use two coats to get it to full opacity, but the color is beautiful.

StrangeJourney Close
StrangeJourney Swatch
Strange Journey is a matte and bold, warm-toned red with orange undertones. I just LOVE this color way more than I thought I would. In one swipe, the color was opaque.

Frank Box
Frank Close
Frank Swatch
Frank-n-Furter might replace Russian Red as my new matte red lippie of choice. MAC described this as a “raspberry” color, but for me, it’s just a true, cool-toned red. This is the kind of lipstick that makes you look like you have gleaming Chiclets for teeth, y’all. I can see this shade working on every skintone.

The lipsticks in this collection are beautiful, and the packaging is perfection. HOWEVER, unless you are a Rocky Horror geek (like me), you can most likely find dupes for all of these colors in the makeup world. NYX lipsticks come in such a wide range now that you can probably dupe everything from that brand alone. Do I regret buying this stuff? NOT FOR A DAMN SECOND, YA HEATHEN! What did you guys like/dislike about the collection?

And more importantly…always remember:

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