Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette

When you’re a makeup addict, I think it’s usually safe to assume that you have about a million eyeshadows (give or take) in your arsenal. The LAST thing you need is more eyeshadow.

…but then you’ll see a palette that has you running through fields towards it, arms outstretched, gleefully skipping toward your wallet’s demise. That’s how it was for me when I was browsing Sephora, and came across the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette. (It’s no longer available at Sephora, hence the Amazon link.)

I had never tried any of the Anastasia shadows before, but after seeing a few reviews on the palette, I gave it a go, and I could NOT be happier. The shades are all buttery soft, but not so soft that they crumble under the weight of your brush. They’re just soft enough that it takes ONE swipe and you have full opacity.

Here’s a look I did using a bunch of shadows from the palette! (Scroll down for photos/detailed description).

Tamanna Outside
The outside of the palette might be the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen. Sturdy cardboard with a metallic sheen. I DIE, Y’ALL.

Tamanna Inside
(Forgive my photography “skills” here, but my lighting was a bit off. ‘Blush’ in the upper left hand corner is actually a very pale, matte pink.) Every one of the shadows is gorgeous.

Let me say that again for emphasis.
That rarely happens with a palette, I find. My standout favorites have to be Gilded (a dirty gold), Sangria (a richly pigmented ruby shade), and of course, Venezia (THAT TEAL).

BONUS! The palette comes with a brush that is actually (gasp!) useable. The quality is on-point.

Another cool bonus: These look cards that give you instructions on how to do 5 different looks – all of them dreamy.

Overall, I’d really say that this palette (or hell, ANY of the Anastasia palettes) is a must have. Plus, at only $34 for 12 eyeshadows (only about $2.84 per shadow), it’s a steal. (And it would make a fab Xmas gift – just sayin’.)

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