IMATS NYC 2015 General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT!


IMATS NYC 2015 is only 23 days away! (Okay, so technically the Pro night that I’m not going to is 23 days away – general admission is 24 days away.) It’s not like I’m counting down the days or anything.


General admission tickets are sadly all sold out, but if you have a Pro Card, you can still snag tickets!

I already have my hotel room and bus tickets set up, so now all I have to worry about is saving up money for what I want to buy while at the convention! With SO many makeup vendors (110 at last count!), it’s easy to get overwhelmed once you’re inside the venue, and just start making grabby hands at everything. This is why I like to form a sort of plan of attack when I go – that way, I can get the stuff I REALLY want out of the way first, and then move on to looking at everything else!

Here’s what’s on my “must-have” list so far:

(photo courtesy of
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks: I’ve just heard SO much about these, and liquid lipsticks are “my thang” right now. I plan on snatching up as many of these as I can – or whatever ones I think might actually look good on me. (I’ve learned after last year’s “BUY EVERYTHING CORAL!!!” debacle that not all colors look good on me. For example, coral looks like shit on me. Fun fact.)

(photo courtesy of
Sugarpill’s New Loose Shadows
I already have a gaggle of Sugarpill’s loose shadows, but these are NEW loose shadows. New. Meaning I need them, of course. I only think I want a few of these, but it will be hard to walk away from buying the whole set.

(photo courtesy of
RCMA Foundation Palette
Okay, so because of the price, this one is in the “maybe” column…but dammit, I DO want it! I’ve just seen the magic that makeup artists can pull off with this puppy, and I want to give it a shot.

So there’s my “OMG MUST HAVE GIMME” list. For all of you going to IMATS NYC (or who already went to IMATS LA/Vancouver), what is/was on your Must Have list? Did you get everything you wanted? More importantly, what was the thing you walked away with that you didn’t expect to get, but wound up loving?

Love you guys! Thanks always for reading!
If you’re interested, here’s a list of everyone vending at IMATS NYC 2015 (as of this blog’s published date):
• 10th Studio
• Aboni Cosmetics
• Academy of Make Up Arts
• Adamis Recruitment
• Alcone Company
• Alexa Persico Cosmetics
• AMA Artist Makeup Academy
• Anastasia Beverly Hills
• Ardell Lashes
• Bdellium Tools
• Beauty Strokes
• BeautySoClean
• Bio Seaweed Gel Limited Canada
• BossLady Styles
• CAILYN Cosmetics
• Camera Ready Cosmetics
• Chacott Cosmetics
• CHIC Studios – School of Makeup
• China Glaze
• CiCi Fashion Brush
• CiCi Fashion Brush
• City Color Cosmetics
• Cozzette
• Crown Brush
• Dante Disposable Products, LLC
• Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics
• Dose of Colors
• E.I. School of Professional Makeup
• Embryolisse
• ESQIDO Mink Lashes
• European Body Art by Alcone
• European Body Art by Alcone (Demo Stage)
• EVE PEARL Beauty Brands
• Eye Kandy Cosmetics
• Frends Beauty / Stilazzi
• Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics
• Gleam by Melanie Mills
• Graftobian Make-up Company
• Grande Lash-MD
• Hakuhodo
• Hawaiian Moon
• The IMATS Store
• Jordane Cosmetics
• Jouer
• Juvia’s Place Beauty Store
• Kett Cosmetics
• Kryolan Professional Make-up
• LaGrace Cosmetics Mobile Makeup Lounge
• LASplash Cosmetics
• Lady Moss Beauty
• Liberty Republic
• Lime Crime
• LimeLight by Alcone
• The Lip Bar
• Lit Cosmetics
• Live @ IMATS
• Make-Up Artist magazine
• Make-Up Artist magazine Photo Booth
• Make-Up Atelier Paris
• Make-up Designory
• Makeup In Milan
• The Makeup Light
• Making You Cosmetics
• MBA Cosmetics / My Beauty Addiction
• MCL Beauty Dist.
• Mehron, Inc.
• m.i.a by einat dan
• Mink Wink Lashes
• Miss Adoro
• Model in a Bottle
• Morphe Brushes
• Naked Cosmetics
• Nigel Beauty Emporium
• NYX Cosmetics
• Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
• Outerbeauty Cosmetics
• Qosmedix
• RCMA by Alcone
• Ricky’s NYC Pro Center
• RockStar Wigs
• Roxanne Rizzo N.Y.
• Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg.
• Sedona Lace
• Serenity + Scott Beauty
• Sigma Beauty
• Skindinavia
• smith Cosmetics
• Square
• Static Nails
• Stila Cosmetics
• Sugarpill
• tarte
• TAT2U Makeup
• Tattoo Pro Stencils
• Tweezerman
• Vargas Beauty and Arts Academy
• Veil Cosmetics
• Velour Mink Lashes
• Violet Voss
• Wolfe Face Art & FX
• Yaby Cosmetics
• YAZI Cosmetics
• Z Palette
• ZÜCA, Inc.

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