IMATS NYC 2015 Recap & Haul!

IMATS NYC 2015 is all over. You guys, this makes me inexplicably sad. I look forward to this all year, so that first week it’s over is sort of like coming down off an incredible high. I miss being there around all of that pretty stuff, those pretty people, and that pretty city. *sigh*

Til next year, Pier 94.

Here’s my recap, with a bunch of footage from the event, and showing my haul in detail!

Did you make it through the video? If so, consider yourself virtually high-fived or chest-bumped. Though not chest-bumped, because I’m a chick. And that hurts. Seriously though, these videos take a lot of time and effort to make, so I really am appreciative when you all give it a view. So thank you. 🙂

Whether you viewed it or not, pictures are still fun to look at, no? Let’s check out this haul!

The #1 thing I always look forward to grabbing at IMATS are the brushes. Whereas brushes at MAC range from $15-$50 or so, the brushes at IMATS are not even half of that price most of the time.
Haul Brushes RL
The first brushes I got were from Royal & Langnickel. They have a HUGE selection of brushes, and most of them are in the $2-10 range at IMATS. The quality is always amazing, and I never leave without grabbing a few of these.
PLUS!! It looks like they’re having a sale on their site right now! All brushes are 40% off, so hurry!

Haul Brushes belle
I grabbed two more brushes from Bdellium Tools. The quality of these brushes is INSANE. They’re both so soft, so densely packed, and such good quality. They’re enough to make you squee. And I did. And when I found out they were $10 each, I squealed and clapped like a damn sea lion. Not exaggerating.

Haul Eve
I always LOVE going to Eve Pearl at IMATS. Their products are of such high-quality, and the gals who work there are knowledgable as hell. I grabbed this Duo Salmon Concealer in Light, and 4 makeup sponges. The Dual Salmon Concealer is a cult favorite for sure. The orange side covers up dark circles like a mofo, and the brightening side…well, it brightens. What’d you think it would do, END WORLD HUNGER?! Moron.

Haul MUFE1
Haul MUFE2
At the Make Up For Ever stand, I got a little overwhelmed (don’t judge me) and wound up only grabbing this Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick in #1 and this Aqua Lip Crayon in #15C. They’re lovely, yes, but I REALLY wish I’d spent more time at that stand and tried out their foundations. Next year, MUFE. Next year.

Haul CityColor1
Haul CityColor2
Other than getting some of their stuff in my Ipsy Glam Bag a few times, I wasn’t very familiar with City Color Cosmetics. Their stand was mobbed, but everything I saw looked kinda…well, CHEAP. The shadows were powdery, the contour shades were orange – just wasn’t my bag, baby. I was going to pass them by, but then I saw THIS. This gorgeous baked blush was $3, and it’s sexy. You know it.

Haul OCC Tint
OCC/Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is where I spend the most money every year, without fail. They lure me in with their voodoo magic. Or their makeup. Either way. First thing I grabbed was this OCC Tinted Moisturizer in Y1. The jury is still out on this one. Seems a bit watery to me, but I’ll give it a few more tries before burning it to the ground.

Haul OCC Pencils1
Haul OCC Pencils2
I grabbed two of the Cosmetic Color Pencils in Trick (nude brown) and Lydia (deep plum). Creamy, long-lasting. This product is a favorite of mine.

Haul OCC Glitter1
Haul OCC Glitter2
I said I wasn’t going to buy any glitter this year, but then this glitter was all like, “Psst, Linda. You like to get HIGGGGH on glitter? I got whatchu want. I got whatchu need.” So I bought you, Beige glitter. BUT I CAN QUIT YOU ANYTIME I WANT.

Haul OCC Polish
Their nail polishes are always $5 each, so how could you not? I mean srsly.

Haul Stila Glow
Haul Stila GlowHand
From there, I skipped (literally) over to Stila Cosmetics. The first thing I grabbed was this One Step: Illuminate. It has a “triple-swirled serum that instantly primes, brightens and illuminates the skin”. And it really does just that. A smooth layer under foundation gives you that glow from within. Perfect.

Haul Stila
Haul Stila Green
Haul Stila Liner
I also grabbed this liner in Turquoise, and liquid eyeliner in Intense Black.

Haul Aloe1
Haul Aloe
My friend bought a huge tub of this stuff and got a few little sample guys, and she gave one over to me. This Hawaiian Moon Aloe is insane! It has a gel-like consistency, and glides on your skin, sinking right in. We all kept putting it on our hands because it made us look like we were in our teens again. Insanity.

Natch, I couldn’t leave without visiting Sugarpill. This is a company that I couldn’t be happier or more proud to support. Amy has built this empire from the ground up, and she’s a magnificent moon goddess, OKAY?!

Haul Sugarpill Pene
Haul Sugarpill Pene2
Haul Sugarpill Pene1
Penelope Loose Shadow was on my “ZOMG MUST BUY” list. It is the perfect orangey-copper metallic shadow. You can’t ask for better. And if you do, well you’re just greedy, man.

Haul Sugarpill Lash1
Haul Sugarpill Lash2
Sinnocent lashes have always been one of my favorite pairs. The criss-cross layout gives you a natural, but dramatic look.

Haul LASplash1
And last, but HELLA not least – LA Splash Cosmetics. I waited in line for over an hour for these babies, and it was worth every minute/second. Their liquid lipsticks are a DREAM, you guys. They go on smoothly, super pigmented, and last for hours on end.

Haul LASplash2
Swatches left to right: Ghoulish, Innocent Vixen, Latte Confessions, Vampire, and Rose Garden. (Latte Confessions is my surprise favorite.)

AND THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE, FOLKS! Did you check out IMATS this year? I want to see your hauls!
If I don’t say it enough, thanks y’all for reading my dribble. It means a lot and I would love to bake each and every one of you a THANK YOU cake. But I can’t cook. So we’re back to chest-bumping. Ouch.

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