Disney Villains Nail Collection by ORLY from Walgreens AND GIVEAWAY!

You bet your sweet ass that I screamed like a child when I saw this new nail collection on the end-cap of the beauty section at Walgreens this past weekend.

Now, I’m a nerd for Disney stuff. Obviously. I’m a BIGGER nerd for Disney Villain stuff! I mean, sure, I love Ariel and all, but Ursula is kind of my power animal.

I had to grab some of it. Or a bunch of it.

The first bunch of stuff I grabbed was from the Ursula collection.
The duo set is called Flotsam & Jetsam. There’s a super metallic silver (Evil Eels) and a CRAZY gorgeous blue/green shift (Power Hungry). Both are pretty damn stunning.

The single polish is Fathoms Below, and OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. It’s the most perfect sparkly blue/green I’ve ever seen. In life. IN EVER. Two coats and it is a bright, opaque ocean on your nails. Win.

For the Maleficent collection, the duo is called Dragon’s Wrath. It comes with a bright, blue-purple jelly (Uninvited Guest), and an awesome sheer green with super bright and chunky glitter (Cast My Spell).

The single polish, again, is amazing. It’s called Mistress of All Evil. It’s such a hard color to describe, so I’ll just say this: Oil Slick. It’s pink, it’s green, it’s purple. Depending on how you hold it, it’s every color in the rainbow. So damn cool.

The duos go for $10.99, and the single polishes are $6.99. I’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal for some high-quality ORLY polishes!

Now, you guys know I love a giveaway, right?
I’m giving away the whole Maleficent collection I bought (the duo and single polish) PLUS a Maleficent makeup bag!

How to win? CLICK HERE to head over to my Facebook page. “Like” my page and look for the entry with the picture of the Maleficent collection. Comment there AND tag a friend who you think would love the collection, and you’re entered to win! (You must “like” the page to be entered to win.)


Tell me – what are you most coveting from this collection??



2 responses to “Disney Villains Nail Collection by ORLY from Walgreens AND GIVEAWAY!

  1. It is so nice to know that someone else appreciates Ursula as much as I do! These polishes are gorgeous I am just disappointed that I haven’t been able to find an Ursula makeup bag

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