COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss Review, Part 3

This is where the colors start getting less neutral, more vibrant. For me, this is where it gets fun…and sassy. You sassy-pants, you!



Everbloom (#160) is somewhere between a creme & a jelly finish. The color is completely opaque in two coats, but it’s SUPER shiny, even without a topcoat. It’s a true, solid pink that has the slightest tinge of a purple tone in certain lights. So pretty!

Tickled Pink (#165). You guys – TICKLED PINK. This is my perfect hot pink. I wore this color last week, and it went about a week with NO chipping. And I’m seriously hard on my nails. This is a must-buy, in my opinion.

Reliable Red (#170) is a bright, opaque creme shade. I’m actually surprised they called this “red” in the title, because it reads more as a magenta/dark pink to me rather than red. Either way, the color is still really pretty.

Ever Reddy (#175) is one of those colors that I want to see on someone with darker skin, because I feel like it would be god-like. It’s a bright orange-toned red. This one was nearly opaque in ONE coat – I was super impressed by that! Bang for your buck and all that.

Lasting Love (#180) feels like the kind of color that everyone needs to have in their arsenal. A bright red with pink undertones, this creme polish is timeless.

More polishes? We’ve only just begunnnnnn……You…yeah, you. Click that little “follow” button already, will ya?

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