COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss Review, Part 4

We’re back for part 4, kiddos. Part 4 is a short one, but it has my #1 favorite polish so far in it.

Forever Festive

COULDN’T YOU JUST LICK IT? But don’t lick it. This stuff is probably toxic. So just stare at it, m’kay?

Forever Festive (#185) is one of the prettiest shimmer polishes I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The red base is such a classic red that it goes with everything. The glitter is so finely milled that there’s no gritty feeling once it’s on, and it was even pretty easy to remove. I can’t wait to wear this pretty much all Fall and Winter.

Wine to Five (#190) is a vampy shade that borders between a creme and a jelly finish. I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t completely opaque after two coats (considering how dark it is), but three coats and all was well.

Silver Lining (#195) is a perfect alternative to a neutral polish. It’s not a glaring white – more of a soft silvery gray. I think this color would be perfect for incorporating into some nail art. This weekend, I’ll be photographing the remaining 30+ polishes (GULP), and more posts are coming!
Keep your eyes peeled for a nail tutorial coming in the next few days.

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