Teeny Tiny Freakin’ Adorable Tattoos

I think I’m pretty damn lucky. All of my friends who have the inclination to be artistic in one way or another are all DAMN good at what they do. I have a photographer friend who blows the competition away. A jewelery-making friend who creates little delicate works of art. A nail polish friend who blends colors and glitters to the point of awesomeness.

And then there’s Sara. Sara is one of those girls where no matter what she touches, it’s pretty much amazing. Sara and I got to know each other online while she was writing a fashion blog. She was one of the only gals out there who could seamlessly blend a ratty concert t-shirt with some high-as-hell heels and make you drool over it. Then, when she started an amazing band, she became that much cooler. Finally, when she started really honing in on her art, I was in full on Girl Crush mode. Naturally, when she opened up her Etsy shop, I had a pretty damn hard time deciding what to go for.

That question was answered when I saw that this girl had OMG TINY TATTOOS.

Photo from Sara’s Etsy shop

I spent a whopping $5 (okay, $7 with shipping) and decided on little cat masks, and tiny diamonds. When I got them in the mail, I was like a drooling child, clapping with glee.

Can we talk about how flippin’ adorable this envelope is?! I forgot to take a photo of it, but I got a few little freebies, like lil heart stickers, and an adorbs ghost sticker (hand-drawn by the lady herself).

Tattoo Business
There were also a few hand-drawn businesses cards. Her “You’re Disgusting” artwork is one of my personal favorites, and her “Whatever Forever” art is so amazing that the internet pretty much imploded when it was created.

Tattoo Bags

Tattoos Paper

Tattoo Instructions
The tattoos come 4-to-a-pack with a little bitty sheet of instructions. Oh, but did I follow the instructions carefully? NOPE. I’m the jackass who forgot to trim mine. Whatever – THEY STILL LOOK AMAZING, YOU GUYS.

Tattoo Eye

Tattoo Hand1
The instructions said that on the hands, they would last a bit less than 2-3 days. I’ve now had mine on for 4.5 days, and my lil Cat Mask is still going strong. Little tattoos without the commitment. I ADORE THESE.

RUN, DON’T WALK TO THIS GIRL’S ETSY SHOP. Even if you’re not into the lil fake tattoos, you can snag some cutsie nail decals or some original art. All well worth it.

Sara, I’m glad I can kinda say “I knew you when”.

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