The New Black Rock’ N ‘Roll Royalty Nail Set

My husband secretly gets a thrill off of picking out makeup or nail stuff that he knows I would dig. When he accompanied me on a trip to Ulta in November, he almost immediately spotted & pointed out a nail set to me. With four polishes (Red, Sparkly Black, Glitter Gold, and clear), and a DAMN TUBE OF STUDS AND JEWELS OMG, it was gorgeous. He was all proud of himself when he saw how in awe I was.

Needless to say, I wasn’t too surprised when I found this in my stocking Christmas morning.


The set comes in a neat little package, and the bottles are minis, which always makes me happy. (Save for my Seche Vite top coat, I have a damn hard time finishing a big/regular-sized bottle of nail polish. Ever.)


The wee little studs are adorable. Gold studs, and a combo of black and clear “rhinestones” fill the bottle to the brim. Again, they suggest that you adhere them to the nail with a drop of the clear coat (which I did at first), but I think you’d have better luck sticking them on with a bit of nail glue.


Overall, I was REALLY impressed with this set! The red was a solid, creamy red that lasted for three days without chipping (until I had to wash an epic load of dishes by hand – oof. I need to invest in dish gloves). There are enough studs to last you a bunch of manicures, but studs like these are also RIDICULOUSLY cheap on Amazon. Like 75¢ cheap, y’all.

This nail set retails for $22 at Ulta, and I think it’s a pretty fantastic deal for DIY manicure lovers.

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8 responses to “The New Black Rock’ N ‘Roll Royalty Nail Set

  1. Oh oh, I looove this! I don’t like reds, but this creamy red looks awesome with the studs!
    Plus, I find studs and rhinestones, in a bottle, ridiculously cute. Like, look, they’re in an adorable bottle, how cute.
    Haha, I actually own a pair of yellow rubber gloves – but I never use them – even though I’m allergic to detergents, but I always feel like I’m not cleaning stuff properly with them on…
    : ))

    • Girl, you’re a lady after my own heart. YEP – the studs in the little bottle completely grabbed my focus. Sure, you can get them in a plastic baggie (yawn), OR IN A WEE LITTLE DRAM.

      See, I would think that the little scrubby-bits on gloves would help you clean BETTER…but maybe it’s not as satisfying when you can’t pick pieces of food off of plates. Harumph, I say.

  2. That is so cool! I can’t believe your husband is so interested in nail polish and makes such an effort to get you cool ones – he’s definitely a keeper and so is this set of nail polish 😀

    • haha He cracks me up, girl. I think it’s just because I blabber on endlessly about beauty products so much that he just knows what’s-what. Still, I’m not going to lie and say that it’s not awesome when he picks out that thing that’s JUST right. ;D

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