FREE Nail Polish from Zoya!

…okay, so they’re mostly free.

Zoya has had this promotion several times in the past, and it’s always fantastic. For just the cost of shipping/handling (which is $12), you get three free nail polishes! Their polishes are usually $9 each, so you’re saving $15 (and only paying $4 each)!

PLUS – if you spend an additional $25, you get free shipping! This means you can possibly get 7 nail polishes (3 free, and then 4 additional polishes at $9 each) for only $27 (or $3.86 per bottle). This is seriously a steal. If you’ve never tried Zoya polishes before, NOW IS THE TIME. The quality is amazing and you will NOT be disappointed.

Sale runs from today (January 7th) at noon EST until January 13th at 11:59pm, using the code COLOR2014. Enjoy!

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