Today is your LAST CHANCE to enter the contest to win all of these goodies!

Prize Flat

CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted on Wednesday, February 19th and announced on my Facebook page, so make sure you’re following me there!

Good luck!

2 responses to “LAST CHANCE!

  1. My biggest makeup obsession has to be lipstick/gloss I love how many colors, finishes, & textures they come in & how one color can completely change a look from natural to dramatic….favorite candy has to be Cadbury hard mini eggs lol I’m lucky they only come out once a year or I’d be in trouble!! Love your blog & looks 🙂

  2. I can’t live without my eyeshadow palettes. I get so bored easily, I love to mix things up! I also am a teeny but obsessed with EOS lip balm, especially this time of year. ^_^

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