She she she she’s a BOMBSHELL!

I’m pretty much a mascara-sample addict. If you show me a “try me” set that contains a mascara that I’ve never used before, I’m sold. Show me something like the Sephora Lash Stash where you can sample a bajillion different mascaras, and I’m all

When I got the chance to sample COVERGIRL’s new Bombshell Mascara, I was all over it. (Psst! I was also able to get TWO extra tubes for you guys to try! Keep reading to find out how you can win!

The Bombshell Mascara is a THICK tube – thicker than any mascara tube I’ve ever had, actually.
Mascara Closed
Mascara Open

There are two “ends” to the tube – each end has its own mascara formula and its own brush. Side 1 (which is labeled as such) has a rubber-bristle brush. The formula is said to be the “extreme volume basecoat”. I found that it was pretty good for lengthening, but it did also add a bit of volume. Side 2 has a traditional bristle brush, with a formula that is the “intensifying top coat”. This is what really makes your lashes stand UP and OUT.

Bombshell Before


Bombshell Apply


THE GOOD: The mascara DOES do what it promises. I personally saw my lashes look fuller and longer with this mascara. I think this would be fantastic for a night out when you don’t feel like wearing falsies.

THE BAD: Do you guys remember that mascara that came out a few years ago which promised to put a “tube” of mascara around each lash? I feel like that’s what this mascara does. This is bad for me because a) sometimes those individual “tubes” will fall off, and you’ll find them just happily chilling out on your cheek, and b) this stuff is a SON OF A BITCH to get off. I used my normal eye makeup remover, then soap and water, and even a makeup wipe. The next morning, there was STILL some mascara left on my eyes. No bueno.

Overall, I’d rate this mascara as a B+. It really does do what it promises to do, and it lengthens and bulks up your natural lashes. I’m just not as fond of how much work it took to get off.

But who cares what I think – I want to know what YOU guys think! I have two tubes of this mascara to give away! To enter, just comment below and tell me what your favorite mascara is right now. I’ll pick two winners later on this week. Sorry, but for this contest, US residents only, please. I promise more international giveaways are coming in the future!

4 responses to “She she she she’s a BOMBSHELL!

  1. My lashes are actually fairly long and full, but they grow straight down. Total bummer. So I only bother wearing mascara on days that I can be bothered to curl my lashes — which isn’t very often since I’m just too tired on a typical morning.
    That said, if I’m going for a pretty, natural look, I like my basic — Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara.
    But if it’s a night out and I want to look a little more glamorous, I like Benefit’s Badgal Lash.

    • That’s so unique! My husband’s lashes grow horizontally, and I always thought it was so cool. haha

      Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash is AMAZE. Love that stuff!

      • I’ve actually thought about having my lashes permed to make them curl upwards! Pointing downwards, people tell me I look sad/angry/tired, etc.
        But then I figure they’re just eyelashes. That’s what the fun of makeup is all about, right?! 🙂

      • Well girl, you were the only comment here (ha!) so you won a free mascara! haha Email me at glitterfallout (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll chat!

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