What Inspires You

I’ve said it a million times before – I am a complete YouTube addict.

Back in the days of online makeup communities, users would post pictures of the looks they had done. Sometimes, if you were really lucky, they’d post a step-by-step photo tutorial showing you exactly how it was done. One day, someone posted a video tutorial, and everyone’s mind was BLOWN. I’m pretty sure that this rose gold tutorial from XSparkage was the very first video tutorial I ever watched.

I thought I’d share with you guys my favorite beauty tutorials on YouTube, but there’s a catch. You need to comment with YOUR favorite beauty tutorials. I’m an addict, like I said, and I need a hit. 😉


Sure it’s from 2008, but this contouring & highlighting tutorial from Petrilude still stands out to me as one of the best. Easy to understand, and crazy informative.

If you look at any “going-out” photos of me from approx. 2009-2011, chances are that I was sporting this makeup. LOVE, LOVE this look so hard.

Risa is a makeup god. Peacocked – full of golds, greens, and boldness.

This Kim Kardashian tutorial from Suzy has over 4.9 MILLION views, and for good reason. It is the #1 most perfect smokey eye.


Risa was known for having the best freakin’ makeup this side of the universe (and still is), but this pomp tutorial is FOR THE GODS. How rockin’ does she look??

Looking for pinup hair tutorials? Look no further than Cherry Dollface. Pincurls, barrel or victory rolls – she has mastered it all.

EASIEST, cutest hair tutorial ever. Makes it easy to change your greasy 2nd (or 3rd….or 7th) day hair into something chic.

Now fess up! Link me to your favorite videos!

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