Deals & Steals: NOW is the time to buy!

If you are in the market for ANYTHING beauty-related (makeup, hair care, skin care, fragrances, etc.), you need to go shopping RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, DO YOU HEAR ME? For some reason, two huge beauty sites are having massive sales at the moment, and you can’t pass them up.

The first thing you need to do, is sign up for EBATES. It doesn’t cost you a dime. Ebates is a sort of “portal” – before online shopping, go to Ebates. Once you’re there, look up the site that you want to shop on. (For example, Ulta or Sephora.) Not only will you find a list of all of the deals that site is offering, but once you click the “Shop Now” button, it will take you directly to that site. After you check out, Ebates will PAY YOU MONEY, just for going through their portal! Cash back is usually around 4%, which sounds like nothing, but all you’re doing is making one extra click and getting paid on it. Ebates is my god (especially during the holidays). They pay you quarterly, and send the money directly to your Paypal.

To celebrate Ebates turning 15 years old, there are a few stores that are offering a whopping 15% cash back (!) and one of them is Ulta (!!!!).

That means that whatever you buy from Ulta through Ebates, you’re going to get 15% cash back – no strings attached. PLUS! If you use coupon code 200203 on the Ulta site, you can get 20% off any one item! These are ridiculous savings.

Another site having a sale is beauty giant Their sale is for 20% off your ENTIRE order! They carry all of the best brands, like Urban Decay, Clarisonic, Anastasia, and more. Unlike Ulta’s sale, there are very few exclusions on their sale – you can even use the discount on the Urban Decay Naked line!

PLUS, go through Ebates for this site, too – you’ll get an additional 4% cash back!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, YOU FOOLS?? Get out that credit card and shop your damn faces off!

One response to “Deals & Steals: NOW is the time to buy!

  1. UGH! Ebates will be the death of me. Stupid timing… Just got approved for a car loan so no shopping for me. Sucks cuz a few months ago, I bought my bf a new suitcase at Nordstrom and got a decent amount back but imagine if I had waited until this 15%… Sigh… Oh well, I definitely check ebates & retailmenot before buying anything online.

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