Make Up For Ever Tease Me Lip Set: 50 Shades of Grey

Okay, I admit it. I borrowed and read 50 Shades of Grey.
…okay, so maybe I borrowed and read the first two books in the series and I’m on the third.
Come on, though. Those things are a glorious shit-show. It’s like a car accident that you can’t turn away from. I mean, the girl refers to her damn “inner goddess” every five minutes, calls her vag “my sex”, and says “Oh my!” every other phrase. It’s just too horrible/wonderful.

But I digress.

When I saw the Make Up For Ever: Tease Me Lip Set – inspired by ’50 Shades of Grey’ at Sephora, I had to walk by it a few times. The lip products looked so pretty, and HOLY VALUE, BATMAN! You get three full-sized products for only $32. The retail value is $62. So even though I wasn’t keen on putting money towards the Gray Empire™, how could I pass this up?

MUFE 50shades
The packaging has the cheesy ’50 Shades’ poster on it, but who cares. It’s going to go right in the trash anyway.

Aqua Lip lip pencil in Medium Natural Beige 3C: This is a “your lips, but better” nude liner. It goes on like buttah, and is opaque in one swipe. I have already worn this on it’s own, and it’s lovely. Lasts all day.

MUFE Lipstick
Aqua Rouge lipstick in 3 Medium Natural Beige: This is the main reason I couldn’t resist this kit. A matte, liquid lipstick that stays on all day? Sold. And yes, I’ll admit that I was first attracted to this color because of the whole Kylie Jenner thing. The color is this perfect nude/rose/brown that I really think would suit all skintones. There’s also a clear gloss on the other end of the tube that is supposed to “seal” the color in, but as I usually go for a matte look over a glossy one, I didn’t use it.

I just took this photo. For the record, it’s currently 2:12 pm, and I put this lipstick on around 7:15 am, with NO touch-ups. That’s 7 hours, 2 cups of coffee, 2 meals, and maybe a few pieces of candy later, and it still looks as fresh as when I first put it on. This stuff does NOT mess around.

MUFE Gloss1
MUFE Gloss2
Lab Shine lip gloss in D16 Shimmering Beige: The gloss it came with looks gorgeous. Really. I just don’t like gloss. I hate that sticky-icky feeling that glosses give. I’ll most likely sell or give this one away.

So there you have it! Admit it – did you read the books? Did you laugh as hard as I did?
If you’re a fan of Make Up For Ever products, I’d REALLY suggest getting this set before it disappears. The value is insane.

3 responses to “Make Up For Ever Tease Me Lip Set: 50 Shades of Grey

  1. You literally picked out the three phrases she repeats time and time again. It drives me nuts. I got through the first book, and I have tried on three separate attempts to get through the second one but I just couldn’t. Honestly, I hated the book(s). So much hype, poor delivery. And for the record, I have never referred to my vajay as “my sex”, EVER. As for the makeup? I might need to pick up that set ♡

    • THANK YOU. I think if I ever heard a friend say “my sex”, it would be over between us. I just don’t get it. I think that laughing hysterically is the only way I made it through the first two books. The third is a hell of a struggle.

      • Hahahaha I would burst out laughing I think. “My sex” is actually the WORST! She says “her sex is tingling”, NO BITCH! Your vagina is tingling, your clit is tingling, your pussy is tingling. Hahah sorry rant over. I just couldn’t read her say it anymore.

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