TheBalm is on Hautelook today!

I have a straight-up obsession with my Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter from TheBalm Cosmetics. In fact, everything I’ve tried from TheBalm has been consistently well-pigmented, long-lasting, and just generally fantastic and well worth the money.

Today, they’re on Hautelook for HALF-OFF RETAIL PRICE.


My main recommendations:

Hot Mama Blush: This, to me, is the perfect shade of peachy-pink with just enough of a shimmer to make those cheeks glow!
Retails for $20, on sale for $10

Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette: With 9 matte, neutral shades, every review I’ve seen of this palette gives it GLOWING reviews. This is one I’m picking up for myself!
Retails for $42, on sale for $21

(Of Course) Mary-Lou Manizer: This is the end-all, be-all of highlighters. THIS is what will give you that “J. Lo Glow”, and works so well as an eyeshadow, too.
Retails for $24, on sale for $12


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