Let’s get NUDE! Review of NUDE Skincare

Back in November, I splurged and bought myself one of Sephora’s sampler sets. (Around the holidays, they put out a lot of sets where you can try little samples of deluxe products. I think it’s a fantastic way to try out items to see how you will react to them, or how much you like them before dropping major coin.) The sampler set I bought was the Skin Wonderland set. While all of the products were fantastic, I immediately fell in love with the ProGenius Treatment Oil. My skin which is normally dry becomes a frickin’ desert in the wintertime. This oil helped my skin to feel ridiculously soft. It was my savior.

Well then, imagine how frustrated I was when I saw that my savior cost $39 for a .5 oz bottle. Pfft. I told myself to forget about it.

Lo and behold, a few months later, I went into Sephora looking for a good night cream, and the employee there took me directly to the NUDE Skincare line. I literally clapped for glee when they showed me this set.

Nude Box

I know what you’re thinking. “Linda, you cheap bastard. You just balked at the idea of paying $78, but you’ll pay $88 for something?” Stop with the judging, Mr. Judge Face, for this is a magical box. Not only do I get my beloved ProGenius Treatment Oil (value: $39), but I also get a huge tub of their highly recommended Advanced Renewal Moisturizer (value: $88), and a tube of the Advanced Renewal Serum (value: $39). That is a MASSIVE amount of savings!

Nude OilSerum

Advanced Renewal Serum: I apply this right after I wash my face (about 2 drops), and apply my toner. Full of Omega 9, it feels silky smooth on your skin, and leaves it prepped to absorb all other treatments.
ProGenius Treatment Oil: I apply this right before my moisturizer; only about 1.5 drops. FULL of Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, this stuff absorbs quickly and like a dream. It is said to reduce fine lines, and I did notice that shortly after applying it, my lines are slightly minimized. Maybe there will be stronger results over time.

Nude Cream

Advanced Renewal Moisturizer: This might be my new holy grail of moisturizers. Nutrient-rich, it feels thick on your fingers, but glides evenly onto the skin and absorbs almost immediately. My skin feels and looks better in the morning when I remember to apply this before bed.

The set appears to be out of stock on Sephora’s website right now, but I would absolutely suggest heading to your local store and looking for it. (My store in Towson, MD is stocked full of them.) Yes, it’s an investment, but your skin should be your first concern in your makeup routine. Take care of your skin, and you’ll be a happier person.

What is your personal skincare routine? Do you stick to just soap and water, or do you like the steps of all of the individual products?

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