HUGE Giveaway (including the NAKED3 palette)!

** Please note: You have to click where it says “A Rafflecopter Giveaway” to enter to win! **

Recently, my Facebook page hit 300 fans. Now, I know this may seem like chump change to most of you, but when I decided to start this whole blogging thing, I said to myself, “If I can get to 300 Facebook fans on my page, I’ll feel accomplished”. I was not expecting it to happen as quickly as it did, so to everyone who “liked” my page, THANK YOU! I owe you a virtual high-five. And a virtual cookie. Just let me know your virtual cookie preference and I’ll have it in the virtual mail to you.

As a THANK YOU, I have a bangin’ prize that I’ve been dying to give away for over a month now – ever since the pieces started slowly coming in! Here’s what’s included in the prize:

So thank you, THANK YOU for being awesome and continuing to read my babble. WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th! Good luck!

(You have to click where it says “A Rafflecopter Giveaway” to enter!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

104 responses to “HUGE Giveaway (including the NAKED3 palette)!

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  3. What is your biggest makeup obsession? Eyeliner. Love it. Still searching for the right one!

    Also, what’s your favorite candy? SOUR PATCH KIDS OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!

  4. Biggest make up obsession?
    Liquid eye liner! I love having a nice wing to accent my eyes.

    Favorite candy?
    I can’t remember the name 😦
    Sad right? But it’s a belgian chocolate sold at trader Joes lol

  5. Make up obsession: eyeshadows and lipsticks especially mat ones
    About candies I prefer chocolate: lindor and reeses peanut butter cups 😀

  6. My biggest obsession is nail polish closely followed by eyeshadow! Favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins 😉 Thank you for the giveaway xx

  7. I’m currently favouring lipsticks, it’s come out of nowhere because I’ve never been interested before.
    I have such a sweet tooth, I like gummy bears, Mars bar and sour worms.

  8. I can’t leave the house without my eyebrows and mascara done but I have an obsession with lip products lately!
    Lindt Chocolate. I love the round chocolates with the soft center, yum!

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