Urban Decay Naked3 Palette Review

…okay, so that’s not much of a spoiler considering that every blogger & every blogger’s mother has already touted the supremeness of this thing. Still, go with me here.

When the original came out, I – like most people – went apeshit trying to get my hands on it. Once I had it in my possession, I was in completely love. The texture, the quality, the versatility – it was enough to make my head spin. I used use it every damn day.

When Naked2 came out, that same feeling wasn’t really there. I could compare the two palettes and say, “Nah, too similar”, and I never got the second Naked palette. I thought that same thing would happen when the Naked3 was announced. I thought I’d be all, “Look here, makeup. I don’t NEED you, okay?!”

You guys…I WAS WRONG. I tried to convince myself they were similar, that I didn’t need/want this one. I tried to ignore the bloggers & YouTubers singing its praises. I tried to ignore the feeding frenzy that was going on on the web for this thing. Then, I caved – I decided I wanted it. I NEEDED IT. I told myself I’d put it on my Amazon wishlist and then wait patiently until after Christmas to buy it for myself. I made it til December 13th before I caved & ran to Sephora on my lunch break to snap this puppy up. (In my defense, I was able to use a “$15 off any $50 purchase” coupon that was only good for a few days AND a $10 Sephora gift card I had, which brought this baby to just under $30. BOOM.)

And the angels sing….
Naked3 Palette
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Now, if I may, let me state one thing that makes this palette my most favoritist that I don’t see many bloggers talk about. I have a weird “touch” thing. The feel of velvet, crushed velvet, or velveteen fabrics sends a chill up my spine. It makes every hair on my arms stand on end and I feel like crap. I have NO clue why. This is why my original Naked palette has never…nay…WILL NEVER leave its box. The outside of it makes me want to vomit a bit, so I keep it in the plastic container it came in & cringe whenever I have to touch it. DON’T JUDGE ME WITH YOUR JUDGE FACE.

The Naked3 palette, however, comes in a beautiful metal tin. It feels secure to travel with and snaps shut, ensuring it won’t fly open in your makeup case or travel bag.

Naked3 Palette1
The colors are all perfection – seriously. There’s just the right balance of creamy matte shades, glittery firebombs, and shimmery goodness. Every single shade has an amazing color payoff – one swipe and You’re Golden, Ponyboy!

Naked3 1of4
Strange: A matte cream shade with slight pinkish undertones. Perfect for a highlight shade or inner corner highlight.

Dust: An uber-sparkly medium pink/coral shade. There can be quite a bit of fallout with this shade, so using a sticky base or patting it on your lid wet works best.

Burnout: A slightly shimmery dusty pink shade. Great for an all-over lid color.

Naked3 2of4
Limit: One of my favorites in the palette! Limit is a barely-pink matte shade. Works perfectly for an all-over lid color to get rid of any discoloration in your lids. A must-have.

Buzz: Another very pink, very sparkly, very fallout-y color. Again, best to pat this color on over a sticky base. The results are well worth the extra step.

Trick: A warm, gold-bronze shade. PERFECT for every skintone, every eye color.

Naked3 3of4
Nooner: OMG YOU GUYS. My favorite color in the palette by far – possibly one of my new all-time favorites. A dirty, dusty matte pink shade that is the world’s most perfect crease color, ESPECIALLY if you’re blue-eyed.

Liar: This shade is a bit hard to describe. It borders between a tan and a pink shade, and has the perfect amount of shimmer without being too glittery. The consistency is completely smooth & buttery.

Factory: A fantastic taupe shade. Again, a very smooth consistency with the perfect amount of shimmer.

Naked3 4of4
Mugshot: A great light-to-medium brown/tan shade. Again, this is fantastic for all skintones!

Darkside: A deep brown that borders on a charcoal gray when applied. SLIGHT shimmer – not too much, though. Works well as a crease color, even with the shimmer.

Blackheart: The darkest shade in the palette. A dark, purpley-black shade with red glitter throughout. My favorite part about this shade is that the glitter actually comes through when applied. Too often, shades will have a pretty glittery topcoat, and it goes away as soon as your brush touches it.

Naked3 Brush
The brush that comes with the palette is dual-ended perfection. One side is fluffy, the other is stiff and flat. Both ends serve their purpose well. I’ve never been a fan of Urban Decay’s dual-ended pencils, so I MUCH prefer this brush as opposed to the pencil that came with the original Naked palette.

I’ve been using this palette every single day since I got it.
Naked3 Look
This is a quick look of today’s makeup. (It had to be quick since I decided I wanted to spend too much time on my hair, and then lost track of time and YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.)

I used Strange as both a highlight & all-over lid color, Limit in the crease, Nooner more concentrated in the crease, and Dust patted on the center of the eyelid. If you want to see how bold & badass this palette can make things, – perfection.

Now I want your opinions, guys. What do you think of this palette if you have it? Would you also consider it to be a must-have? If you don’t have it, do you want it? FESS UP.

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  1. AHHH you’re making me want this palette so bad! I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas – now I know what I’m using it for lol

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